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Amanda, who is portrayed by Devin Kelley, is a newly single friend of Natalie (Olivia Taylor Dudley) and supposedly Chris (Jesse McCartney) who is going on the trip to Europe with them to cheer up from this breakup.

Personality & Plot Development

Amanda is calm, collected, and a little shy. She is joining Natalie and Chris on this trip to Europe most likely because she is trying to get over a recent break up. Throughout the film, a small romance between her and Paul (Jonathan Sadowski) is hinted at, but never fully realized. She brings a camera on the trip and even in one of her pictures she finds a mutant in one of the abandoned buildings in Pripyat.

Near the end of the film, Paul and Amanda are one of the only people left when they run into a containment team presumably from the Ukrainian Military while suffering from severe radiation sickness. Paul is shot and killed and Amanda is taken to a medical facility in which the staff, more importantly the Doctor (Pasha Lychnikoff) states that she has seen too much during her time in Pripyat. She is then thrown into a dark cell in the facility where many of the mutants are enclosed and is presumably eaten by them.

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