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Radioactive Dogs are mutated creatures which live in the forests surrounding the abandoned city of Pripyat within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The group's first encounter with the dogs is after Chris (Jesse McCartney) is brought back to the van by Paul (Jonathan Sadowski). The dogs, shrouded by the darkness of the night, slam into the van repeatedly, barking furiously as they try to get in. Eventually, the dogs decide they cannot reach the group and run off.

The next encounter with the Radioactive Dogs is when Paul, Amanda (Devin Kelley), Michael (Nathan Phillips), and Zoe (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal)are on their way to the nearest guard's post and see a dog in the distance eating the dead carcass of another animal. Not wanting to alert the dog to their presence, they find a way around the dog and eventually stumble upon what seems to be an abandoned guard's post. There they find the wires necessary to repair the van.

The final encounter with the Radioactive Dogs is when Paul's radio used to communicate with Chris and Natalie (Olivia Taylor Dudley) back at the van suddenly goes off, a pack of dogs hear and a chase ensues. The pack of dogs chases them until the group reaches a river with a wooden bridge and crosses it, thus ending the group's encounters with these creatures.


It is assumed that these dogs are simply the descendants of domesticated dogs that were left behind during the sudden evacuation of the city of Pripyat. These dogs may or may not be mutated, however given by the presence of mutation of all other animals encountered within the film, this consensuses seems most plausible.


  • Highly aggressive
  • Attack in packs
  • Hunts mostly at night, but may attack during any time of the day
  • Will not cross large bodies of water