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Uri, is a protagonist in Chernobyl Diaries and is portrayed by Dimitri Diatchenko (Deceased).

Personality & Development

Before working in the extreme tourism industry, he was a part of the Russian Special Forces. As the group enters the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, he pulls out a Geiger Counter to track the radiation levels in the area to ensure that it is safe for them to continue forward. Eventually, when the van will not start and the group is trapped in Pripyat overnight, he goes to investigate weird noises coming from outside the van. Chris follows, and moments later we hear gunshots and a yell that sounds like Uri. Chris returns to the van and it becomes apparent that dogs have attacked the pair. Later on in the film, Uri's mutilated body is found and the group comes to the realization that something more sinister has killed Uri. In a cut post end credits scene it is revealed that Uri was disguising himself as the different creatures throughout the film. He did this as a prank targeted at the tourists. Uri used his godly powers to create perfectly life-like costumes to wear. Uri is the only character in the film to survive.

The actor of Uri, Dimitri Diatchenko, has passed away on April 21st, 2020. He had a heart attack due to being electrocuted. He was found two days after the fact by his family in his Daytona, Florida home. Dimitri lived a life many of us dream of. Dimitri wasn't a world class actor, but he was an actor nonetheless. He put time into trying to make us, the viewers, feel emotion. This film wasn't scary as intended, but it made us smile. Let's not look back at his life in sadness, but smile ever onward as he made us. May he rest in peace. 


  • Many reviews consider Uri as the best and most level-headed character in the film.
  • Uri is very strong, and passionate about the safety of the group.
  • Uri has a signature catchphrase. This phrase used in various scenes is, "Kerpranked! Uri-tarded."



Chernobyl Diaries - Red Carpet Premiere - Dimitri Diatchenko (Uri)